By mood: Dark


Duration:1’56 BPM: 103 Description: Powerful, calm intermissions Mood:Dramatic, dark Instruments: String, flute Composer/Artist: Martin Bondeman. Full track and versions ►

Childrens music 5

Duration: 0’35 BPM: 60 Description: Tune suitable for childrens show Mood: Sad Instruments: Oboe, clarinet, bassoon, glockenspiel Composer/Artist: Martin Bondeman. All versions ►

Crime 1

Duration: 0’46 BPM: 60 Description: Dark and powerful Mood: Dark Instruments: Elecric guitar, piano Composer/Artist: Martin Bondeman. Full track and versions ►

Crime 2

Duration: 3’16 BPM: 88 Description: Dark and melancholic Mood: Dark Instruments: Piano, guitar Composer/Artist: Martin Bondeman. Full track and versions ►

Dramatic opera

Duration: 2’10 BPM: 110 Description: Dramatic, majestetic Mood: Dramatic Instruments: Soprano voice, Choir, Strings Composer/Artist: Martin Bondeman. Full track and versions ►

Kurt Weill Style

Duration: 1’36 BPM: 94 Description: Dark, like a tune in a play by Brecht Mood: Dark, edgy Instruments: Clarinet, Piano Composer/Artist: Martin Bondeman. Full track and versions ►

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