By Mood

Glad or sad? Dark or just a little bit melancholic? Here, we have listed the tracks according to moods. Of course, no distinct science will tell what mood a track represent. What is relaxed to someone could be stressful to someone else, so please find out for yourself!


No minor keys, no broken hearts. Just joyful music to your podcast! Find Joyful music »


No stress, just soft and relaxed music to your podcast. Find Relaxed music »


Yes, it’s music in minor keys. If your podcasts handle drama and crime, if you are building some tension, here is our best selection. Find Dark music »


Sometimes it is drama, like in “drama queen”. Sometimes it might be a drama under the surface or around the corner. What suits your podcast? Find Dramatic music »


Missing him? Did she leave you? Are you feeling sad without knowing why? If these emotions are handled in your podcast, here are the tracks with melancholic music. Find Melancholic music »


Wide open landscapes, misty mountains, loneliness…anything that does not have a very distinct beat, and where the edges are somewhat smooth could be found here. Find Ambient music »

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