By Genre

To split our catalogue in genres comes naturally as we want to guide you close to what you are searching for. We do for sure not cover all genres there are, och the genres we are presenting could split up in several sub-genres. As our catalogue grows, that might be relevant soon. But for now, please start your search in any of the below listed categories!

Modernt men klassiskt

To call something composed in the 21st century “classical” may be confusing. In this site however, Modern classical music refers to a selection of art music composed in the tradition of western culture. Here you will find less synthesizers, och more of the instruments usually found in a symphonic orchestra. Find Modernt men klassiskt music »


”Krim” might not be a specific musical genre, but we are sure you know what we mean with “Krim music”. It is dark, there might be some tension, someone is hiding in the dark or – in worst case – someone is already dead. Find Krim music »


“Symfonisk music” most often means orchestral compositions that makes you think of high-budget films. You will find our cinematic music in the listing below, och we also recommend the genre “Modern Classic” for orchestral music. Find Symfonisk music »

Easy Listening

It might be referred to as “elevator music” because it is just as nice as needed to cheer you up during a boring elevator ride. However, the music could of course be used as a theme in your podcast as well. The tracks in this genre have in common that they do not try to surprise to much but will give the listener a nice welcome to your podcast. Find Lättlyssnat music »

World Music

This genre plays around with styles that could be associated with different countries or cultures. It is a matter of the compositions as well as the instruments chosen. Find Världsmusik »


The composer is not a native Latino, but the compositions are inspired by the Latino rhythms. Find Latin music »


Some slide gitarrs, some finger picking, some accordions…the barn door is opened. Find Country music »

Children’s music

Children could of course enjoy whatever music there is, but these tracks are composed with children’s shows in mind. Find Children’s music »

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